Erin Kerr


More About Me!

Favorite Food: my mom's GAINT chocolate chip cookies

Last Book Read: The Warrior's Heart by Eric Greitens (I love memoir style books)

Other Hobby: Playing guitar, and Snowboarding :)

Student photographer

Hello! My name is Erin Kerr, and I'm a 17 year old aspiring photographer! I fell in love with photography at a young age (13) after taking a photography class as an elective. Since then, me and my camera have become inseparable. While I enjoy the technical aspect of photography-geeking out over lighting or software- I really enjoy the more human side of photography. I particularly love portrait photography. My goal is to connect with my subject to create a powerful, impactful, image, but also create an enjoyable and comfortable environment for my clients. 



Published in the Marble Collection 2015-2018

Participant in Art All-State (MA)


Griffin Museum/ Boston MA- June 14th - 2018

Lexington Arts and Crafts Center 

February 2019

Me in Vermont